Anti Pattern – Smart UI Part 1

what we are going to build in Anti Pattern – Smart UI series ..?

In these series , i will be creating an example of SmartUI web application and will start to add business logic to it..and then we should see how the concerns and responsibilities are intertwined, and then we we Rewrite our code adhering to Separation of Concerns principle.

What are we going to build..?
I will build a page in ASP.NET Web forms,that will display list of Products sale, displaying their name, recommended retail price (RRP), selling price, discount, and savingspercentage.
Let’s start building the application


Starting Chapter 3 layering Your application and separating Your Concerns

hey there…

i have completed chapter 2 with yesterdays’s blog… now i am starting chapter 3 of the book..

Whats in this chapter..?

  • Benefits of Layered design over traditional ASP.NET web forms code behind model..
  • The concepts of Logic Layering and the seperation of your Application Concerns
  • The responsibility of each distinct layer in enterprise level ASP.NET application
  • Example code refactoring from Smart UI antipattern to a layered approach .

so in this chapter we are going to build a SmartUI Application.. and see short coming of it.. so that we will discuss and refactor the SmartUI Application to layered application.. in the next blog will be building the Application.. its coding timee.. 🙂