Later equals never

if you have been a programmer for more than 2 or 3 years, have you ever been impeded by bad code written by you or your team.? when i say impediment, what i think about impediment is if you were asked to do a change and it ideally should have taken less time, but practically it is never the case, doing small change requires making lot of other changes.

I think this will happen because of bad code. and ofcourse this bad code was written by us the programmers. but why do you think we write bad code? may be because of

we are trying to go fast or we were in a rush ignoring the principles , perhaps we were ignorant or tired of working on program for so long and may be frustrated because of this or promised to your manager to get it done by this time at any cost! or may be something cool coming up and you were pretty excited to get it started so didn’t concentrate on the current task in your hand.

and most of the time you know the program is in a mess and you have choosen to leave it for another day since you might have relieved by your QA confirmed that the code is working.We all have done it. I had done it saying to ourselfs we will come late and clean this up!

There is a law called LeBlane’s law which says ‘Later equals Never’. Now you know the law and its applicable to us

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